How does it work?

Online shopping merchants (example: Target.com, Amazon.com) use a form of advertising called "Affiliate Marketing" to pay web sites for sending visits to their site. Rather than pay a small amount for each visit, the merchants pay a larger sales commission when visits turn into purchases. This is sometimes called "pay for performance" marketing. This is how OURewards generates funds for groups that use our system.
When your group enrolls in our Impact Shopping program, we will create an Impact Shopping Page, prominently branded with your logo. This is your unique starting point for all your supporters. Using a customized link, they have 1-click access directly to your Impact Shopping Page. When a shopper arrives at your Impact Shopping Page, they search any of the 500 or so merchants available simply by typing a particular item, category or store in the search box, or shop directly at any of the merchants listed in the alphabetical, drop-down menu, or by clicking on the specific merchant banner image rotating through the Impact Shopping Page. Purchases that start at your Online Mall automatically earn commissions for your group: no log in or password registration required, no codes to enter, no complicated instructions! Site administrators will have access to a regularly updated, web-based Dashboard that lets you track your program's activity and see how much money you have earn.

How much is the commission?

Commissions vary by merchant and by product purchased, typically between 1% and 15%. Today our clients earn about 6% on average. These commissions can add up quickly. For example, in 2012 each U.S. adult will spend about $90 per month online. So if you have 1,000 supporters, you could be earning $5,000 every month for your group. It's important to remember that these funds are paid directly by the merchants. The Impact Shopping Page is a free service to your group. We get paid by taking a small share of the total commissions paid by the merchants (20%) For more details see our Terms of Service agreement at www.OURewards.com.

What can our supporters buy?

Supporters can buy almost anything available at the merchants on the Impact Shopping Page - it is a gateway to an extraordinary range of brands across all major shopping categories. Clothing, home and garden items, baby products, personal electronics, music and books, movie tickets, office supplies, sporting goods, automotive needs, and much more including gift cards for retailers, restaurants, and events. New merchants are added regularly, so the selection continues to grow and grow over time.

Are we eligible to participate?

Yes, because any organized group that has supporters can use OURewards: school boosters, churches, youth programs, charities --- almost any organization that operates at the community, regional or national level. You do not need to be a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Please note: Impact Shopping reserves the right of final approval for any group seeking to enroll. The only restriction is that the purchases made must be shipped to valid US addresses. Internationally shipped items do not count.

Who can use our group's Impact Shopping Site?

Today most people regularly shop online: for convenience, selection and easy price comparisons. So practically everyone who supports your organization -- and all the people they share the Impact Shopping site with - can support your group by using your site whenever they buy online. They just visit your page and begin their shopping.

How do my members/supporters find out about our Impact Shopping Site?

You tell your members about your Impact Shopping Site by using the OUReminder ™ app. This is an online invitation to shop at the Impact Shopping Site, which goes out to your supporters every 10-15 days. It reminds them about how your Impact Shopping Site raises money for your group and lets them know about special promotions and savings that may be available. You simply upload your email list, and the automatic technology will do the rest. OUReminder is working for groups of all sizes and types, delivering an easy, no-effort way to assure that your supporters do not miss a chance to help out each time they shop online.

We also encourage you to notify your supporters through your regular newsletter or email list, your group website, Facebook Profile page updates, Twitter, blogs, flyers, or any other method that reaches out to your supporter

Does this replace our other fundraising activities?

Impact Shopping supplements your other fundraising efforts by creating an ongoing stream of additional funds - new money that is not a donation. We encourage you to continue any other fundraising activities that work well for your group. Additionally, your Impact Shopping site enables the family and friends of your supporters to participate in a way that does not require a cash donation - so the reach of your support base can grow significantly.

How and when does my group get paid?

All funds your group raises via your Impact Shopping site are displayed on your Dashboard so you can easily track your earnings. As payments are received they are held in an escrow account, to be moved through direct deposit to your organization's bank account, safeguarding against lost and delayed deposits. Your bank statement verifies the transfer of funds. Payment from merchants typically occurs 30-60 days after shipment, providing time for returned merchandise and other normal business issues. You receive your funds within 30 days after payment is received. During this time Impact Shopping audits and confirms that all commissions due to you have been properly paid.

How can I be sure that the all commissions we earn are paid to our group?

Impact Shopping maintains a strict, multi-party audit trail to ensure: a) that merchants pay the full commission amount due, and b) that every dollar received from merchants is appropriately paid, client by client. An independent CPA firm performs an audit to confirm that all reports received from the various merchants exactly match OURewards' data. A copy of the CPA firm's confirmation report is available electronically to every OURewards client.

How does my group get started?

It's simple; just visit our online sign-up, follow the easy do-it-yourself instructions and your Impact Shopping site will be done in a matter of minutes and ready to start earning money for your group. For more information contact us.