OURewards: enabling Groups to earn new revenue

Your group members are already shopping online - on desktops, tablets and smart-phones. Through OURewards you can have a branded Impact Shopping Program that will channel this everyday activity in a way that directly earns money for your group. Set up is easy, it practically runs itself, and technology does all the hard work. Your group simply gains a new way to earn money --- every day, every month, ongoing.

What is Impact Shopping?

To learn more watch this 2-minute video overview:

This program is TOTALLY FREE. There are no products to sell, no orders to take - your group earns money with no extra effort. For your supporters, there is NO REGISTRATION, NO PASSWORDS and NO ADDED COST - they buy online just like always, for whatever they wish, from stores that they know. But now, each time they buy, your group earns a percentage of each each purchase, paid to you by the merchant.

Some Groups Using Impact Shopping Today:

What's your Group?

Here are custom video presentations for several popular categories of groups; for a general presentation, just click on "Other".


Participating Merchants

participating merchants